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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to bring my own gun?

You are welcome to bring your own gun(s). The price of your stay includes modern Beretta and Benelli semi-automatics and over/unders. If you prefer to bring your own gun(s), you will need to register it with U.S. Customs and we will need to collect information on your gun(s) in order to obtain a permit from the Uruguayan government. At this time, Uruguay currently levies a fee of 350 USD for each gun you bring in the country, and they will be checked upon arrival and departure. You will also need to observe the requirements of the airline.

Why do you only provide 20-gauge shells?

Uruguay must import shells and pay a 100% import duty. As such, shells are very expensive by U.S. standards. Lead shot is legal in Uruguay, and 20-gauge lead is both ample and deadly for ducks, dove, perdiz, and pigeon. In our considered experience, 12 gauge would be overkill, but we do have 12 gauge available. It is illegal for clients to bring their own ammunition from the U.S.

What types of birds will I hunt in Uruguay?

San Jose features several bird species such as dove, duck, perdiz, and pigeon. Most of our clients have a special interest in the premium duck hunting at San Jose. Indigenous duck species include:

  • Brazilian teal
  • Ring teal
  • Specked teal
  • Brown pintail
  • White face tree duck
  • Silver teal
  • Pintail
  • Rosy billed pochard


* The Uruguayan government may periodically restrict legal duck species and we will necessarily hunt only the then current legal species.

Can I export my ducks to the U.S.?

Uruguay and the U.S. allow for export and import of ducks. Based on U.S. requirements, only the duck skin with at least one wing attached may be imported. You will need to make prior arrangements with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the airport where you will arrive upon your return, or your country of origin.

You will have to leave your ducks with the customs agent and make arrangements for them to be shipped to your taxidermy specialist. You will need to complete paperwork with the Fish and Wildlife Service in advance of your trip. Uruguay also requires paperwork, and we ask that you give us at least 30 days’ notice of your intention to export. Any fees levied will be the responsibility of the client. These same provisions will need to be considered for other countries of origin.

What ammunition is included in my hunting package?

Included in your rate are four boxes of shells for ducks (hunts are a four-box limit) and two boxes of shells for perdiz per hunt. One flat of shells is included in your rate for each dove hunt, with no carryover to successive hunts. Clients can purchase additional shells for perdiz and dove at the rate of $20 per box, subject to price increases from our supplier.

Can I bring my own hunting dog?

You may bring your own dog. We recommend that you limit dogs to retrievers only, as other dogs will have a difficult time learning to hunt perdiz. You will need to make prior arrangements with the governing body of your country of origin and the Uruguayan government.

When is peak hunting season in Uruguay?

While the traditional season begins May 1st, late July to early August is the best time to hunt migratory species and features the best plumage of the season.

Hunting Season (subject to hunting regulations currently in force):

  • May 1 – Sept 15 (Duck Hunting)
  • May 1 – Jul 31 (Perdiz Hunting)
  • Year round (Dove Hunting & Pigeon)

Do you provide taxidermy services?

We do not provide taxidermy services. You will have to leave your ducks with the customs agent and make arrangements for them to be shipped to your taxidermy specialist. You will need to complete paperwork with the Fish and Wildlife Service in advance of your trip.

Do I need a hunting license for bird hunting in Uruguay?

Yes. You will need to complete a form for the Uruguay hunting license, which we will process on your behalf. You will pay for your license before you depart and cannot be changed once you arrive. The license fee is per hunter. Country officials require a complete Customer Data Form that will be used to process your Uruguay Hunting License.


Should I have any concern for my safety and security while in Uruguay?

Uruguay is arguably the safest Latin American country, and the lodge is remote enough that you shouldn’t have a problem with the safety of your personal belongings.

Do I need to bring money or exchange for pesos?

It is not necessary for you to have pesos during your stay. Our discounted fee is all inclusive with the exception of additional shells or tips, for which you may want to bring cash. We will provide shopping excursions on your return to the airport.

Do I need a visa to travel to Uruguay?

You do not need a visa. You will just need a current passport (if you are a US Citizen). Your passport must not expire within 6 months of entering or departing Uruguay. If you are not a US citizen, please check with your respective consulate in your country to determine if you will need a visa.

Do we book our own travel to Uruguay?

Yes. Clients are responsible for securing their own flight to Montevideo. At this time, Delta and American Airlines fly into Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. Other flights fly into Buenos Aries, Argentina, and require a connecting flight into Montevideo.

Dogs are welcome, but we recommend that you bring only retrievers, as other dogs will have a difficult time learning to hunt perdiz.

Once in Uruguay how do we get to the hunting lodge?

Our staff will take you from the airport in Montevideo to San Jose and return you to Montevideo at the end.

What if I require medical attention?

The lodge is located in a very rural area with limited services nearby. We can attend to minor medical issues, but major medical attention would require transport to Montevideo, about two hours away. Montevideo has excellent medical facilities and personnel.


What amenities does the lodge provide?

San Jose is a premier hunting lodge in the Lavalleja Department of Uruguay, two hours outside of Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. At San Jose, we intentionally levy a fee that is some 40% less than what you will find at similar lodges. The lodges feature:

  • Living and dining rooms
  • Front porches and fire pits
  • Ample bathrooms
  • Fireplaces
  • Full-size beds with premium foam pillows
  • Wi-Fi
  • DirecTV

How many people can the lodge accommodate?

San Jose has two lodges that accommodate up to eight clients.

What food and beverage does the lodge provide?


  • Breakfasts are simple with eggs, toast, biscuits, yogurt, nuts, juice, milk, etc.
  • Lunch and dinner begin with heavy appetizers of local cheeses, sausages, nuts, dove sandwiches, and delicious hare tenderloin.
  • Dinners feature the day’s harvest of perdiz, duck, or dove, prepared in crepes, pies, and more. Dinner will also include local beef and lamb, as well as fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Desserts include Uruguay’s renowned dulce de leche, in addition to other delicious treats.


We provide red wines from Argentina and Uruguay, most of which are pinot, malbec, and merlot. As our rate is substantially discounted, we do not provide liquor. We recommend that clients purchase their favorite liquor at the airport before leaving the U.S. The beer at San Jose is domestic, as imports are hard to come by. Water and soft drinks are also available.

Will my cellphone work in Uruguay?

You will need to make arrangements for a temporary international plan with your service provider before leaving.  We provide converters for your U.S. appliances.

Do I need an electrical adapter for Uruguay?

Outlets are European style, but we offer converters for your U.S. appliances.

Are there laundry services available?

We provide daily laundry and maid service.

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