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Uruguay Hunts

What Sets Us Apart

The Closaway Difference

At Closaway, we are dedicated to the quality of the hunt, so we rigidly manage species numbers and limit hunting opportunities. While our trips allow for fewer clients and hunting days than other outfitters, the quantity and quality of your hunt is exponentially superior. Our goal is to increase the potential success of every client who hunts with us. We allow very limited commercial hunting and are preferred by the most discerning of hunters.

We take the privilege of hunting seriously and work to promote and protect this American right for future generations. Closaway offers four-day hunting trips to San Jose, Uruguay, which is about two hours from Uruguay’s capital. The bird hunting at San Jose is excellent, and clients have the opportunity to hunt dove, duck, perdiz, and pigeon.


San Jose is a premier hunting lodge in the Lavalleja Department of Uruguay, two hours outside of Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. At San Jose, we intentionally levy a fee that is some 40% less than what you will find at similar lodges. San Jose has two lodges that accommodate up to eight clients. The lodges feature the following:

  • Living and dining rooms
  • Front porches and fire pits
  • Ample bathrooms
  • Fireplaces
  • Full-size beds with premium foam pillows
  • Wi-Fi
  • DirecTV



Simple with eggs, toast, biscuits, yogurt, nuts, juice, milk, etc.

Lunch & Dinner

Begins with heavy appetizers of local cheeses, sausages, nuts, dove sandwiches, and delicious hare tenderloin.


Features the day’s harvest of perdiz, duck, or dove, prepared in crepes, pies, and more. Dinner will also include local beef and lamb, as well as fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.


Includes Uruguay’s renowned dulce de leche, in addition to other delicious treats.


We provide red wines from Argentina and Uruguay, most of which are pinot, malbec, and merlot. We recommend that clients purchase their favorite liquor at the airport before leaving the U.S. The beer at San Jose is domestic, as imports are hard to come by. Water and soft drinks are also available.


Clients are responsible for securing their own flight to Montevideo. Our staff will take you to and from the airport in Montevideo to San Jose.

Fee Schedule

Your stay is all-inclusive for a discounted rate, quoted upon request, which includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Lodging & transportation
  • Daily laundry & maid service
  • Meals, beer, & wine
  • Guide services
  • Wi-Fi & DirecTV
  • Gun Rental

Not included:

  • Additional shells beyond the daily allotment
  • Hunting license
  • Tipping – strictly voluntary, but most clients tip a minimum of $500. If you wish to tip, please provide your tip to management for staff distribution rather than directly to the staff.


San Jose features several bird species such as dove, duck, perdiz, and pigeon. Most of our clients have a special interest in the premium duck hunting at San Jose. Indigenous duck species include:

  • Brazilian teal
  • Ring teal
  • Specked teal
  • Brown pintail
  • White face tree duck
  • Silver teal
  • Rosy billed pochard
  • Pintail

* The Uruguayan government may periodically restrict legal duck species and we will necessarily hunt only the then current legal species.

Late July to early August is the best time to hunt migratory species and features the best plumage of the season.

Your four-day stay includes a dove hunt after lunch on the day of your arrival. The following three days include morning duck or perdiz hunting, and afternoon dove hunting at one of our large dove roosts. Additional days can be arranged based on availability.

Included in your rate are four boxes of shells for ducks (hunts are a four-box limit) and two boxes of shells for perdiz per hunt. One flat of shells is included in your rate for each dove hunt, with no carryover to successive hunts. Clients can purchase additional shells for perdiz and dove at the rate of $20 per box, subject to price increases from our supplier.

Bag Limits

Uruguay has generous bag limits.

  • Perdiz populations fluctuate with the weather, but it is not uncommon to achieve daily bag limits per hunter, per outing.
  • Dove populations are tremendous. There are no bag limits on doves. A harvest rate of 250 per hour is readily attainable.
  • We impose a four-box limit on ducks. This is dependent on the legal bag limits in force, clients generally have no problem achieving their limit.

Additional Information

  • Uruguay and the U.S. allow export/import of some ducks. Only duck skin with at least one wing attached may be imported. Clients should make arrangements with their home governments for import rules.
  • Outlets are European style, but we offer converters for your U.S. appliances.
  • You may bring your own dog subject to your home country and Uruguay rules then in force. We recommend that you limit dogs to retrievers only, as other dogs will have a difficult time learning to hunt perdiz.

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