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Nestled in the heart of South America, San Jose Lodge – Uruguay is a land of diverse landscapes, rich biodiversity, and a deep-rooted hunting culture. For enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline rush and a taste of the wild, mixed bag hunting at San Jose offers an unparalleled experience. From the vast expanses of wetlands to rolling hills and dense forests, our hunting ground provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hunting expedition in the Uruguay wingshooting style.

Mixed bag hunting is a pursuit that combines the challenge of hunting multiple species in diverse habitats. In Uruguay, this means venturing into varied terrains in pursuit of game such as doves, ducks, perdiz, pigeons and European hares. Each hunt presents its own set of challenges and rewards, making it a thrilling adventure for hunters at all levels.

Doves: The Sky’s the Limit – Uruguay is as renowned for its abundant dove population as is neighboring Argentina, offering hunters the opportunity for exhilarating, faced paced, wing shooting. With vast agricultural fields providing ample food sources, doves flock in large numbers, providing an exciting experience. Whether you are an experienced shooter, or a novice, the thrill of our dove hunts against the backdrop of Uruguay’s scenic countryside is a lifetime experience.

Headed to the Kitchen!

Ducks: Waterfowl Paradise – For waterfowl enthusiasts, Uruguay’s wetlands and lagoons are a duck haven. From the elegant rosy-billed pochard to the majestic white face tree duck, the diversity of species attracts hunters from around the world. Ducks flighting over our decoy spreads and dropping their legs in mind blowing numbers is again unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Perdiz: King of the Gamebirds – Our perdiz is hand down the most difficult and rewarding wingshooting one could ever hope for, requires stealth, patience and keen eye. Perdiz inhabit grasslands and shrublands, blending seamlessly into their surroundings. They are truly a worthy challenge for even the most accomplished wingshooters. Our skilled guides will quickly get you “in the groove” so that you can revel in excellent dog work that rivals your hopes and dreams.


Pigeons: Precision Shooting in Flight – Pigeon hunting at San Jose is a test of precision and accuracy. These birds are known for their swift and erratic flight patterns, challenging even the most seasoned hunters. Strategically placed blinds in feeding fields and roosts ensure our clients have steady opportunities at these majestic birds, all in jaw dropping scenery.

Another Day in Paradise!

Mixed bag hunting at San Jose Lodge is more than just a sport; it’s a journey into the heart of untouched nature, where each hunt unfolds a unique story of adventure and camaraderie. With its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich local hunting traditions, San Jose beckons to hunters from around the globe, promising an experience that is as exhilarating as it is unforgettable. Known for our premium service delivery and affordable inclusive rate, we have 100% client satisfaction and many of our guests come again and again. At San Jose Lodge, we truly have the absolute best dove, duck, perdiz and pigeon hunting in country. We welcome the opportunity the gain your trust, so that you may join our ever growing family.